Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just a quick update

We are all really good. We have been doing some hiking & exploring. We have decided we love hiking. Holden loves it too but he freaks me out. He is so fearless that he does not think he will get hurt. It is kind of a chore to take him because he scares me but he will never learn if we don't teach him. He has the best time picking up sticks & rocks on our hikes. He really likes climbing on all the rocks (he has always been a climber).

We try to go to a new place every weekend (but sometimes it's more fun to have a lazy day). There are so many places that we want to visit. We found a short walk around that has some ice caves. I'm hoping we will make there this weekend. We are also planing a hike up to Hanging Lake & Hays Creek Falls. We have been to Hays Creek Falls but we didn't hike up the trail.

We are also trying to find a new place to rent. This tiny apartment is not fun. I hate living so close to so many other people. I come home from work & I can smell what people are cooking (which is not always good). It is so noisy here.

I am also working hard trying to get mt photography business going. I have put cards up all over town. I plan on doing pictures for family & a few friends when we come to visit. I'm also trying to build a website (which I have no Idea what I'm doing).

Well that is all I have time to tell you right now. Sorry if I rambled a bit (I do it all the time). I hope to have more pictures soon.