Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mothers Day

So I know this is late but you know I have had problems with my internet. Anyway. Holden & I were all alone for mothers day this year. We had a really nice day. Holden kept telling me we were on a date. We went out for breakfast then spent some time walking in downtown Basalt. I really had a good day hanging out with my little man. He even let me take a ton of pictures of him (which never happens).
This is my favorite picture from the day. He is such a cutie.
I don't know if you can read this or not but tells all about the Pole of Peace.
The Pole of Peace. This is in downtown Basalt.
This is my crazy son taking everything out of his wallet just so he can put it all back in. Oh FYI the little white & blue card is for a child psychologist. If you really know Holden you know why that is funny. Just Holden giving me a silly face. We really had a good time that day.